Open Heart Healing Podcast with Vesta


Join me in listening to the Open Heart Healing Podcast as I share my ongoing journey to internal happiness...most of the time!!  Discover effective methods and ideals, that I use, to help find your own joy and empowerment.  With guests and solo-casts, we will explore the path to inner fulfillment!

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Welcome to the Open Heart Healing Podcast, where your journey to wellness, self-discovery, and inner peace begins. Hosted by the compassionate and insightful Vesta Hurlbutt, this podcast is your sanctuary for personal growth and transformation.

Join Vesta as she delves into the world of holistic healing, mindfulness, and self-empowerment. Each episode is a heartfelt exploration of the mind, body, and spirit, offering practical guidance, inspiring stories, and expert interviews. Through her soothing voice and genuine wisdom, Vesta helps you open your heart to new possibilities and embrace a life filled with balance and positivity.

Whether you're seeking guidance on mental and emotional well-being, spiritual awakening, or nurturing your inner self, the Open Heart Healing Podcast is here to light your path. Tune in, connect, and embark on a transformative journey with Vesta Hurlbutt as your trusted guide.

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Vitality with Vesta Hurlbutt

Vesta Hurlbutt is an empowerment strategist, cardiovascular technologist, health coach and single mother who lives to help people find their inner strength and power.  Vesta works with strong women and men who have forgotten their power and want it back.  She helps people rekindle and embrace their self worth, self esteem and ability to forgive themselves and others.  As a single mother and provider, Vesta has tested the tools that cultivate self love and compassion in the throws of stress and responsibility.