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My name is Vesta.  I am from a small town in Pennsylvania.  I am a single Mom to a now adult.  It has been the hardest, most rewarding journey EVER! It is an experience that taught me about me.  I have been working in healthcare since 2008.  I obtained different degrees throughout the years.  My passion, in the last 15 years or so, has become finding my own empowerment through self-discovery and functional nutrition.

I love the magic of our bodies.  So much of healthcare has become medications that mask the symptoms rather than finding the actual issue rather than learning lifestyle changes or more natural methods to find the cause.  I would love to be a resource of information for people who want to learn to help themselves.  

I took a Functional Nutrition course.  It was life-changing.  I became a Health Coach.  I became a Functional Nutrition Coach.  I am an Empowerment Strategist.  My goal is to empower people to be their best self with amazing tools.  Tools that keep you motivated.  Tools to give you the confidence to sustain a healthy, HAPPY lifestyle.  Tools that you can sustain.



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Join me for this 3-day event! This event will inspire and empower you to be the best you! It will remind you how amazing you are and always have been!


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Learn to value yourself.  Find happiness inside your own heart.  Learn to be patient and kind to you.  You deserve it.


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Power of Choosing You Summit


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