Hello, I'm Vesta Hurlbutt.

I am a podcaster, empowerment strategist, cardiovascular technologist, Ho’oponopono practitioner, health coach and single mother who lives to help people find their inner strength and power.  I work with people who have forgotten their power and want to take it back.  I help people rekindle and embrace their self-worth, self-esteem and ability to forgive themselves and others.  As a single mother and provider, I have tested the tools that cultivate self-love and compassion in the throes of stress and responsibility.

My Path to this point.


I am from a small town in Pennsylvania.  I am a single Mom to a now adult.  It has been the hardest, most rewarding journey EVER! It is an experience that taught me about me.  I have been working in healthcare since 2008.  I obtained different degrees throughout the years.  My passion, in the last 15 years or so, has become finding my own empowerment through self-discovery and functional nutrition. 

I love the magic of our bodies.  So much of healthcare has become medications that mask the symptoms rather than finding the actual issue rather than learning lifestyle changes or more natural methods to find the cause. 

I took a Functional Nutrition course.  It was life-changing.  I became a Health Coach, plant-based coach, and a Functional Nutrition Coach.  I am an Empowerment Strategist.  My goal is to empower people to be their best self with amazing tools.  Tools that keep you motivated and give you the confidence to sustain a healthy, HAPPY lifestyle. 


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